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Andre Rieu Concerts

Perth – Australia

“Opera singers displayed amazing voice control. One highlight was soprano Carla Maffioletti’s endearing performance in Offenbach’s Doll Aria.”

Billboard André Rieu feat. Carla Maoletti

Home for the Hollidays 2012 #56


Forever Vienna #150


Love in Venice #199


Carla Maffioletti’s Solo Concert tour

Interview TV L1 – Avond Gasten

Classical Guest by Emil Szarkovicz


Carla Maffioletti on Amazon

Carla on Amazon


Carla Maffioletti Guest In Brazil

Donna Magazine – Carla Maoletti is Brazil’s mot Pop Classical Singer


Music Festival Gramado in concert 2018 as soloist and Voice teacher


Opera O Quatrilho 2018

Quatrilho Opera 

“O destaque no quarteto central do elenco é, sem dúvida, para Carla Maffioletti. A soprano consegue conferir à personagem Teresa, em seus momentos de canto, a profundidade que lhe é devida. Nenhuma surpresa, aliás, já que se trata de uma intérprete de carreira mundial e com um apuro vocal capaz de deixar quem a assiste hipnotizado. ”

Concert and Masterclass in Brazil 2011 concertos

Concert Tour with Camerata Ontoarte Brazil


“: «Für das durchweg sängerische Niveau garantieren vor allem Carlo Jung-Heyk Cho als herausragender Trimalchio (…) und die Sopranistin Carla Maffioletti, die mit ihrer Stimmakrobatik Madernas Idee einer heiteren Artistik genau auf den Punkt brachte.»” [Opernwelt – 2013]

Carla Maffioletti as a composer



Carla Maffioletti Reviews

Carlos Gomes – Lo Sciavo – European Prémiere

5 August 2017

City Theater Giessen.

LO SCHIAVO (the slave)

Opera by Antônio Carlos Gomes

Musical direction: Carlos Spierer

Staging: Joachim Rathke

“As slave-liberator, a French countess appears in the opera, who has intended Gome’s effective coloratura garlands in high soprano position. Carla Maffioletti sang this quite enchanting “[Die  Deutsche Bühne]

“Lo Schiavo” has some beautiful and flattering moments, such as the great aria of Americo, or the scene of the Contessa de Boissy, which has a display of coloratura fireworks. A fine coloratura soprano is the sparkling Carla Maffioletti herself. Vocal fluency, clear set high notes and a natural charisma draws to her interpretation of Contessa de Boissy, who loves Americo, but is rejected by him.

Opernglas Magazine 2011

Die Antilope Opera – World Prémiere

5 August 2017


“One sings, for example, about a” dog-pumped “work of art, from which suddenly a woman looks out and sings in the style of György Ligeti’s” Le Grand Macabre “. Carla Maffioletti makes it ravishing: “Rrr Rrrr rehoboam salamanasar”. “[ – 2014]

Carla Maffioletti at André Rieu’s Vrijthof Concert 2014

17 October 2016


Dagblad De Limburger 

Review by  Ruud Maas

“The rendition of I belong to me (from the musical Elisabeth) by Australian singer Mirusia Louwerse rivailing Caro nome from Rigoletto by Verdi) by Carla Maffioletti were the Highlights of the evening, both two voices are just about the most beautiful that have ever sounded at t the Vrijthof.”


LUCERNE: SATYRICON by Bruno Maderna. Premiere

4 October 2016

“For the highest vocal level were accounted (…) and the soprano Carla Maffioletti, with her vocal acrobatics brought Maderna’s idea of a cheerful artistry straight to the point.”

OPERNWELT -April 2013

Original Article (Deutsch)

Remarkable opera rarity in Lucerne: “Satyricon” by Bruno Maderna (Premiere 23 2nd 2013)

The Lucerne Theatre offered for “Satyricon” by Bruno Maderna in a balanced ensemble of singers – from left: Carlo Heyk Jung Cho, Dana Marbach, Madelaine Wibom, Patrick Zielke, Marie-Luise Dressen and Carla Maffioletti (Photo: Ingo Höhn)

A special performance of the Brazilian coloratura soprano Carla Maffioletti as Scintilla, which part demanded the best on an extremely high vocalise, she could do it with ease. T 

The wage received it the end of the presentation, when the conductor asked all the musicians on the stage: the audience showered the orchestra and the conductor and the ensemble of singers and the production team for several minutes with applause. It was a bravo for the frail coloratura soprano Carla Maffioletti!

Udo Pacolt, Vienna – Munich